What our clients say

Loved Dot Pixel! They are dependable, creative and effective. It was evident their digital producer took the time to truly understand us as the client and the relationship is so well managed, it feels they are part of our in-house team.

Aimee Brierly

I've know Amrita for many years and as well as worked with Dot Pixel on several projects that always came in on time and on budget. They do great work. I would highly recommend to others.

CEO, SJ, New York

Dot Pixel designed and built our website on time, on budget, very professional, looks great, clear and easy to navigate, very functional. Highly recommended, the whole team was very responsive throughout the process, and delivered a great product.

Steve Laverson, Boston

Great agency to work with. Super-creative, super friendly (and fun) and great at being flexible, turning on a dime when the client needs them to. Highly recommended!

Brendan Smith, New York

Dot Pixel is easy to work with and always delivers a top quality product. I recommend them to anyone looking for experts in the branding and digital space.

Dino Gomez, London


Whatever your website budget, Dot Pixel Web Design Services aim to provide an exceptional service to all clients!