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The term E-commerce or eCommerce also known as e-commerce denotes a business model that enables companies and individuals to buy and sell goods and services over the Internet. E-commerce operates in four major market segments and can be done through computers, tablets, smartphones, and other intelligent devices. Almost any product or service is available through e-commerce transactions, including books, music, airline tickets, and financial services such as stock investing and online banking.

E-commerce is the process of buying and selling tangible products and services over the Internet. Several parties are involved in exchanging data or currencies for transaction processing. It is part of a more significant industry known as e-business that includes all of the processes required to run an online business. E-commerce has companies (small companies such as Target (TGT) completed its presence with an online store where customers can purchase everything from clothing and coffee makers to toothpaste and action figures from home.

Online shopping has peaked as consumers increasingly use e-commerce websites instead of online shopping. By creating a clean and functional eCommerce site, you can save overhead costs and reach new customers worldwide. Dot Pixel analyzes your product list with you and designs e-commerce websites that offer your best offers. Our focus on user experience, SEO, and customer travel provides a seamless and integrated experience so that customers keep coming back to your website.

We partner with new businesses, startups, and retailers with eCommerce experience to build our eCommerce websites. To provide the best user experience, it is essential to understand product offerings and how users navigate your website. We then use this information to create searchable categories and user-friendly shopping cart systems related to your existing business and identify sales opportunities. You can cut your overheads and reach a whole new audience in the UK and even abroad with online sales. This is an excellent opportunity to expand, and we're here to help you get the most of it. Due to the nature of e-commerce, the SEO rules are slightly different from those of a simple shop site.

To make sure your website ranks well, we do the SEO work as it develops and builds until your website is ready for ranking and starts generating traffic. As e-commerce becomes more common in our lives, ease of use becomes critical. Our websites offer powerful search options, easy categorization, and responsive links to help your visitors find what they're looking for quickly and easily. Once your website is created, we'll take care of tracking and targeting conversions so you can keep track of precisely what you're selling, how and where you're selling. This is a great way to spot peak hours to increase your inventory and see which advertising channels work for you. It also helps you find ways to improve your user experience once you get started.

E-commerce has changed the way people buy and consume products and services. More and more people use their computers and smart devices to order goods for easy home delivery. In this way, it disrupts the retail scene. Amazon and Alibaba are growing in popularity, forcing traditional retailers to change how they do business.

But that's not all. It should not be overlooked that individual merchants are increasingly involved in e-commerce transactions through their websites, and E-commerce is only part of building an eCommerce business. 

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eCommerce Websites Packages


eCommerce Website package

From £999

  • Standard plus: E-commerce shop platform
  • Integrate with a range of payment gateways
  • Staff display manager to show your team
  • 4 hours training & support

Custom Store


From £2999

  •  Addition of Products
  •  Each Page designed by our Nauti Nerds
  •  Mobile Friendly
  •  Social Media Integration
  •  Google Maps
  •  Contact Form
  •  Photo Sourcing
  •  Custom Graphics

Theme Store


​​​​​​From £1299

  •  Addition of products
  •  Customisable theme
  •  Mobile Friendly
  •  Social Media Integration
  •  Google Maps
  •  Contact Form
  •  Photo Sourcing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Important For Entrepreneurs To Build An eCommerce Site?

Nowadays, people have less time to buy items by shopping in brick and mortar stores, and they prefer to surf on their mobile devices or computers and shop online. If you have an eCommerce site for your business, you can pull this market base and keep your customers informed of the latest products and services.

How do I choose the best platform for my eCommerce website?

Before you start building your eCommerce web development, there are a few basic things that you should consider that can help you choose the best platform. Always think about the items you are selling. Some eCommerce platforms can manage inventory and multiple product options, while others cannot. Consider design options, payment gateways, site security, integration with tools, other features, and pricing before finalizing the platform.

What are the main activities of eCommerce websites?

E-commerce websites help online shoppers make safe purchases from online stores and act as platforms to make sales easier. It also helps collect and use demographic data from different channels and improve customer service.

Why is eCommerce essential for every business?

E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular these days as it offers businesses a wide variety of options, from marketing opportunities to expanding their range of sales support products. With an optimized and well-structured online shop, you can easily create and achieve goals and offer 24-hour customer service.

What are the different types of eCommerce?

E-commerce, or online commerce, mainly refers to different business transactions. The four main methods of e-commerce are business or B2B, B2C business to customer, customer to business (C2B and customer to C2C).


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